10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting (With Recipes)

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting (With Recipes)


The single most important aspect of your weight loss journey is your diet.

And by that I don’t mean the endless stream of fad diets, slimming shakes and calorie restriction regimens.

When I say diet I mean the food you eat.

New research puts exercise a poor second when it comes to losing weight, because no matter how hard you train at the gym, it can’t compensate for a way of eating that interferes with your metabolism.

You might think then that you need to be on a strict diet plan if you want to lose weight, but the opposite is true, all you need to do is eat real food and eat it right.

Research shows that diets don’t work. Period. But that hasn’t stopped a multi-billion pound diet industry selling you the diet plan that will finally answer your prayers. And it probably hasn’t stopped you praying for that miracle answer to your weight loss goal.

The problem is, as you already know, the diets you’re offered are not sustainable. You can only keep up those restrictions, those shakes, those low calorie meals and exclusion of entire food groups for so long. And as soon as you stop you pile all the weight back on and then some.

But there is such a thing as healthy weight loss and by that I mean eating a healthy diet. No gimmicks, no plans, just delicious real food that allows your body to function efficiently. Because when you’re healthy your weight will take care of itself.

Seriously, it will.

So here are the rules for a healthy weight loss diet: 

1. eat real food

This means choosing foods from nature like plants, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, wild fish and meat fed on the plants they're meant to eat in nature.

It means cutting out junk and pre-made foods.

2. Reduce Sugar

There is an ongoing debate over whether sugar or fat is to blame for our expanding waistlines, so let’s put it to bed right now. The real problem is sugar and you need to eat a lot less of it. Not just in obviously sweet foods like cakes, biscuits, sweets and chocolate, but in all kinds of savoury foods as well, like salad dressings and pasta sauces, even bread. It’s everywhere so you need read to the labels of every pre-made food you buy.

But beware; sugar could be hiding behind all kinds of different names. For a comprehensive list of all the names sugar hides behind download our free report Three Little Known Secrets to Successful Weight Loss.

3. Reduce Wheat

Wheat (both wholegrain and refined) can play havoc with your blood glucose levels, causing spikes and crashes, which will tend to make you eat more. Wholegrain wheat bread, pasta and flour based products should be on your eat occasionally list, not staples of every meal. And the white refined versions? Avoid them altogether. They offer no nutritional value whatsoever but a host of negative effects on your health.

There are plenty of other healthier options you can explore like quinoa, millet, buckwheat, oats and barley to name a few.

4. Eat Protein at Every Meal

This helps to keep you fuller for longer and so staves off the cravings. It should be good quality protein; beans and pulses, free range eggs, wild salmon, grass fed meat and so on. Ditch the sugar and salt laden cereals and eat protein at breakfast to set you up for the day. Getting into this habit will also help with adrenal fatigue, another aspect of weight gain.

5. Eat Healthy Fats

The right kind of fat is not only good for you but essential for your health – grass fed butter, olive oil, avocado, oily fish, coconut oil and nuts should all be staples in your diet.

6. Avoid Unhealthy Fats 

Trans fats and hydrogenated oil cause weight gain and have been shown to cause cancer. Avoid them at all costs. (Once you're eating real foods this will be super easy).

7. Eat Carbs at Every Meal

But not the carbs you’re thinking, we need carbohydrates for energy but you can get all you need from fruits and vegetables so pile these up on your plate with abandon at every meal.

8. Check Your Portion Sizes

It’s no good eating the right foods if you’re eating way too much of them. Take a look at your plate and ask yourself if you could be eating less.

9. Drink Water

All the time. Like all day, every day. As soon as you wake up in the morning have a glass of warm water with a good squeeze of lemon to stimulate your digestive system. Then get another 8 glasses of plain water in throughout the day (and more if you’re exercising). If it’s not something you’ve done before, work up to 8 glasses a day over the space of a week. Take it like medicine if you need to because it is!

10. Avoid Sodas

Cut down on sodas and work towards cutting them out completely. It won’t take long because as soon as you start cleaning up your diet you won’t like the taste anymore! Oh and cut down on alcohol. You know it makes sense.

Download our free Ultimate Guide to Healthy Food Swaps for more information on how you can lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love.


If you’re used to grabbing food on the go and relying on takeaways and fast food then cooking can seem like a chore, which is why we’ve pulled together a load of recipes from the web that are delicious and easy to make so you can get started on your real food weight loss journey right away.


Eat breakfast. Always. But not just any breakfast, you need high quality protein and some healthy fat, this will keep you fuller for longer and stop you needing that mid morning carb fix.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled of course! In grass fed butter ideally, and why not liven them up with one of these tasty suggestions.

Scrambled Eggs 5 Delicious Ways

Don’t eat eggs? Then try this tasty VeganTofu and Spinach Scramble instead.

Quinoa is a superfood! Full of protein and it’s actually a grass not a grain so eat away. This Power Porridge is a great way to start the day.

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? This PeanutButter Protein Smoothie is proper delicious and will keep you feeling satisfied for ages. (But use full fat yogurt and drop the honey.)

Fancy something a bit special? Here’s the ultimate protein packed Sunday brunch: Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Goats Cheese


No more grabbing a sandwich on the go, or making do with what’s there. These recipes are simple, healthy and filling.

The healthy fats from the avocado and the carbs from the beans makes this Avocado and White Bean Salad a winner.

Burritos can’t be healthy surely? No, but this Healthy Burrito Bowl is.

Quinoa? Tick. Lentils? Tick. Burgers? Tick. What’s not to love with these Quinoa Lentil Bugers, swap the bun for a humongous green salad and you’re good to go.

Kale is good. It’s so full of good stuff we’re like where have you been all our lives? Well it’s here now and this KaleSalad with Spicy Tempeh Bits hits all the right spots.

Falafel? Good. Sweet potato? Good! BakedSweet Potato Falafel? Excellent!


Ditch the takeaways and ready meals, these dinners are super tasty and super easy to make. No excuses!

This Salmon with Sweet and Sour Peppers of ours is just yum.

We love anything that says One Pot. It usually means maximum taste, minimum washing up. And this One Pot Indian BlackPepper Chicken doesn’t disappoint.

Again, sweet potato is a great swap for regular white potatoes and makes this Sausage Cassouletwith Sweet Potato Mash healthy and delicious.

We can’t get enough quinoa, just make sure you buy organic shrimp for this Quinoa Shrimp Paella.

Man, woman, child and Paddington Bear can tuck into this Manly Marmalade Chicken and feel satisfied.

Who doesn’t love Thai food? For this Tofu Panang Curry you can make your own curry paste (always a good thing to have in your culinary know how) or get a nice healthy ready made paste if you’re pushed for time.

We’ve loving this Vegan Pumpkin Chilli. Makes you ask – who needs meat?

This Aubergine Curry is another one of ours and a great, healthy alternative to a takeaway which should be ready quicker than your local can deliver!

Let us know if you implement any of these changes into your diet in the comments!

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