7 ways to celebrate national yoga month

7 ways to celebrate national yoga month

September sees the US celebrating National Yoga Month. It's a shame we aren't doing the same here in the UK as there is so much to celebrate!

Yoga has so many health benefits they are hard to count, from relieving headaches and PMS to preventing diabetes, aiding weight loss, reducing inflammation and relieving stress there isn't much yoga can't help with. And it's something you can do at home very easily no matter how unfit you feel you are.

So this week we're looking at Seven Things You Can Do To Celebrate National Yoga Month wherever you are.

If you are in the US then you can claim your free yoga class. The Yoga Health Foundation is celebrating by offering free classes at 2,200 centers nationwide, click here to find a class near you.

Download the song Om Namo by Eeday for free from the album Yoga Revolution. Yoga Revolution is a collaboration of original songs by well known artists such as Sting, Seal and Ziggy Marley "all brought together to promote the benefits of yoga, music and a healthy and balanced lifestyle??? Proceeds help support Yoga Health Foundation's effort to provide yoga and fitness programs for under-served youth. So if you like the album you can buy it safe in the knowledge that your money is going to a good cause. Find out more at www.YogaRevolution.org

Make your own yoga mat cleaner. After a while and plenty of use, all yoga mats start to smell a bit, and even more so if you are doing the kind of yoga that works up a sweat. Watch this video and make your own all natural cleaner out of easily available every day products for a fresh smelling and hygienic mat.

Make your own yoga mat bag. This is really fun, easy to do and makes a great present! Ideally you need a sewing machine and a little sewing experience but you can still have a go without. Be the envy of all your friends with your very own custom made yoga bag or make one as a unique gift for a special friend. Watch this video to find out how.

Start our Let's Chill yoga series with Jeff. "Yoga is for everyone, you are never too stiff or too old, it's about the attitude that you bring to your efforts. Jeff Phenix said that and he was right. Join him for an introduction to yoga, and let him take you through everything you need to know, from breathing techniques and simple relaxation poses, to more advanced postures that can help with specific ailments. It's like having your very own yoga instructor in your home.

Introduce yoga to your regular workout routine. Jo's series Yoga for Sports people looks at how yoga can help with exercise, by improving recovery times following an intense workout or game. Andy Murray does it, the New York Giants do it, Ryan Giggs does it - and now you can do it too!

Introduce a friend to yoga. Do you have a friend that would benefit from yoga? Maybe they mentioned they have trouble sleeping, or suffer from a backache after a long day at work. Or maybe they are just feeling a little lonely and could do with some company. Why not invite them round and introduce them to Jeff and Jo. These videos are even better when you do them with a friend.

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