diy holiday cards

diy holiday cards

In the UK and the US, an estimated 3.4 billion greeting cards are sent at this time of the year. Producing these cards requires the felling of over 400,000 trees and what do we do when the holidays are over? Put them in the bin! (Hopefully the recycling one at least).

Sending cards can seem a bit of a chore and can be expensive if you have a long list of people to send them to, but these DIY holiday cards are fun and simple to make, they save money and trees and reduce waste. And they can double up as Christmas tree decorations! Remember The Six R's blog? Well here's repurposing in action!

You will need some old greeting cards, if you don't have any this year start saving the ones you get so you can make your own next year.

You will need:

  • Old greeting cards
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Envelopes


Cut the pictures out from the front of your old cards, making sure the back of your new card is blank because that's where you'll write your message.

Make them all different shapes, they should be small enough to hang on a tree but big enough to write your message - you might be able to make two or three from a big card.

Punch a hole in the middle at the top, or for wider cards you might want to make two holes, one on either side.

Thread a short piece of ribbon or string through the hole or holes and tie a knot.

Write your message on the back, pop it in an envelope and you're done and dusted!

Let your creativity loose on this - for example there's nothing to stop you punching several holes and threading the ribbon in and out, or adding a bit of glitter or even buttons! Use whatever you have available and go for it.

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