Five Eco Friendly Ways to Save Electricity This Winter

Five Eco Friendly Ways to Save Electricity This Winter

Last year my electricity meter started to eat me out of house and home! I realised I'd fallen into the same trap again and decided I wasn't going to ignore it any longer. I needed to find ways to reduce the amount I was feeding Mr. Greedy Meter and live comfortably at the same time, and so my journey began.

Green living does require us to be more mindful and to make a conscious effort in order for us to help conserve energy and lower our bills. I've tried and tested a lot of things along the way - here's my top five tips to help you save money and be more eco-friendly at the same time.

1. Turn off all electrical appliances at the plug when not in use

Don't leave anything on stand by. You'll save around£45 to£80 a year, depending on how many appliances you have, by applying this to your daily routine. Hard to believe all those little green and red lights burn up that much electricity isn't it? Somehow we remember to brush our teeth, lock our front door and get dressed everyday. Let's apply the same principle when it comes to switching everything off when we're not using it.

2. Turn off all the lights in your home when not in use

Following on from 1. this is one of the easiest to do and one of the most frequently ignored. I've gotten so used to this now that I automatically turn lights out when I'm leaving a room. Take a look around your home and count how many lights are on and how many you're actually using. You might be shocked to see how many are blazing in empty rooms. Now turn them off if you don't need them! Before you know it you'll be doing it automatically.

3. Use energy saving light bulbs

This one is a no brainer. Energy saving light bulbs are brilliant for saving us money and helping to lower our carbon footprint. Check out this Ultimate Beginners Guide to Energy Saving Light Bulbs to find out everything you'll need to consider when buying light bulbs for your home.

4. Use your washing machine between 7pm to noon and set it to 30C

Most utility companies charge higher rates at peak times. Off peak is between 7pm and 12noon so using your machine between these times can reduce costs significantly. Setting your machine on a 30-degree wash will also lower costs and your carbon footprint and still get most of your clothes lovely and clean.

So simple but effective!

5. Open the curtains during the day and use the free, natural daylight

If you're in during the day get into the practice of opening all your curtains, blinds or shutters to let natural daylight in. It's free and good for your health.

Bonus tip

You're not obliged to stay with the same energy provider if you're not happy with their rates or customer services. You can save money by shopping around and in the UK there are plenty of green companies that promise to price match the big five, so you can help the environment too! We use Ecotricity in the office who offer competitive pricing and reinvests its profits into renewable energy. The Green Electricity Marketplace compares green energy providers and Ethical Consumer has a free guide on green electricity suppliers.

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