hit the road running in 2013

hit the road running in 2013

Have you made a New Year's Resolution? Most of us do don't we, and there's usually a health-related one in there somewhere; lose weight, stop smoking, get some exercise, eat less of this and more of that... But how many of us stick to them? Yeah sure, we can keep it up for a month, maybe two, but a whole year?! So come February/March time, there's less of us still eating healthily, less  of us going to the gym and less of us running on the streets. 

If you get our weekly newsletter then you'll know my health-related New Year's Resolution is to run in my first 10K. I've been threatening to do it for a while, and I'll really get into running, but only a couple of months later I'll find excuses for not going - too much work on, bad weather, not feeling great, going out with friends etc. But they're just excuses because whilst there are periods when I might not get as much time to train, I can still do something.

If you've haven't watched Shane's New Year Resolutions video yet then you should, because his 5 top tips for sticking to your goal will help you achieve your New Year's Resolution - whatever it is.

I've taken Shane's advice and committed myself to a deadline, I've broken it down into a realistic and achievable goal, with smaller targets along the way and now I'm ready to hit the road running (pun intended).

Even though I've always kept myself fit and have always been a sportsman, running has never been my favourite pastime. Though, in the last few months I have realised why people do actually enjoy it (yeah, I know, crazy?!) When I'm running it means that I can switch off about everything else, and for 30 mins or so not think about anything apart from putting one foot in front of the other. And when I get back from a run I feel good - that rush of endorphins leaves me feeling better about myself and stress-free.

Now I'll be honest, one of my major motivations to run in the London 10K is that the route will take me past Big Ben, Westminster Cathedral, London Eye, St. Pauls Cathedral and so on, so how can that not inspire me?!

Why don't you join me in my journey to run in my first 10K - I'll be sharing the highs and lows of my training along the way. I'm running for the charity Food Cycle (if you haven't heard of them then take a look at their site here. They turn unwanted food into healthy, affordable meals for people living in poverty in the UK.

If you have committed to your own New Year's Resolution then let us know how it's going for you.

Whatever your resolution is, if it's health-related we'll have something on the site to help you.

We've got Shane's top 6 tips for staying on track, Surinder's nutrition series on healthy eating, Shane's easy, at home exercise series and Alex's simple, quick, healthy (and of course delicious!) recipes.

And also don't forget to take time to chill out and stretch your body with Jeff's yoga videos.

Let's make this year different! Let's make it a healthy YEAR together!

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