inspiring a generation

inspiring a generation

Last week I took a brilliant and diverse group of energetic 8-11 year olds to the Acorn Holiday Centre based in beautiful Wales. The weather was gorgeous (thankfully) and the timing could not have been more perfect! The children were so enthusiastic about the Olympics and what the Olympics legacy now has to offer them.

During our week there we had the most amazing time with fully trained staff on site to keep us safe, and the children got to take part in a huge range of activities; canoeing, kayaking, high ropes, zip wire, abseiling, pico sailing, assault courses and much, much more€¦

Luckily, Westminster Play Service who run the program strongly believe that sports and outdoor activities are fundamental to a child's development and by taking part in these activities the children learn to keep fit, to feel a sense of achievement, to be a team player and it also offers opportunities for them to become more socially aware.

The week ended with discussions around a campfire that reflected on the fun we had over the exhausting but action packed week.

One thing that inspired me the most though, was seeing the children really motivated by the daily challenges they were faced with. It was unbelievable to see how engaged and willing they were to learn new skills.

I think it is a must that every child have access to all kinds of sports facilities and resources because the experiences they encounter can be life changing. I can testify to that!! Over the course of the week I watched many of the children enjoy new sports that they had never taken part in before. I was also privileged enough to share moments of absolute determination to conquer fears.

One child in particular that I can think of was so petrified of heights that she was visibly shaken up. At the beginning of the week she was unable to climb higher than four small milk crates. But with the right support and encouragement from her peers she managed day by day to achieve new tasks and by the end of the week she was abseiling and swinging from a 40ft zip wire! As you can imagine that was an emotional moment for us all. There was a standing ovation and roars of support from all the children and staff - it was truly outstanding!

So now that I have shared with you my account of how important sports are and how beneficial they can be to the children, why not take this opportunity to look around your local area for different ways to get your children involved in sports? Give them the chance to build up their confidence and to cherish long lasting memories of real achievements. Believe me, this will open doors in their future which otherwise may have stayed locked forever!

Lastly, I just want to mention how proud I was of my 21 little soldiers - well done kids!!!!!

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