join the litterati project

join the litterati project

I took this picture after enjoying a day's cricket at Lord's (the English home of cricket) earlier in the Summer. Once a bastion of the upper class, Lord's is now a place where all can enjoy cricket in this historic stadium - famous for its 19th century pavilion. It's not as posh (or as privileged) as it once was, but it still has that elegant, traditional feel making it a unique atmosphere for a cricket game. There's no football-style chants at Lord's (as at other cricket grounds) but a genuine appreciation for the game and polite applause!

Within the grounds of the stadium there's a charming picnic area - on a sunny day it's one of the highlights of going to Lords. Tom, myself and our partners had enjoyed a picnic after the game and were clearing away our rubbish when we noticed all the rubbish left by other picnickers. Everywhere we looked the remnants of food and packaging had been abandoned even though there were bins for rubbish and recycling within feet of where the food had been eaten. It was such a shame to see.

I thought about the Litterati project and snapped a photo.

We featured the Litterati project in our newsletter a few weeks back. Litterati's vision is a litter free world. The aim of the project is simple; the creation of a 'digital landfill' to raise awareness of the location and amount of rubbish thrown away and the documentation of it to bring companies, individuals and policy makers together to come up with a solution to the problem. Litterati's approach is a top down and bottom up approach - one of the best ways of creating lasting change.

You can join in the effort by taking a picture of any rubbish you find using Instagram and tagging it with #litterati. Your photo will be added to the growing global project and will help to create a litter free world. Small actions can lead to big changes!

Watch this short video here to find out how it started and learn more. And don't forget to always dispose of your litter responsibly, recycling wherever possible!

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