Six Foods You Want to Avoid

Six Foods You Want to Avoid

Part of taking care of our health is eating well, but it's not just about what we eat, knowing where our food comes from, what chemicals are used in its production and how it's stored is equally important.

We don't like to say No to many things, but there are certain foods that really should be avoided if we want to achieve our best long term health - this list might surprise you.

We don't like to say No to many things, but there are certain foods that really should be avoided if we want to achieve our best long term health - this list might surprise you.

Canned tomatoes

Problem: it's not the tomatoes, it's the cans. They are often lined with Bisphenol A (BPA - also found in most plastic water bottles) which is bad for our health, and the acidity in the tomatoes causes BPA to leak into the food.

Solution: buy tomatoes in glass jars or cartons and recycle the packaging.

Microwave popcorn

Problem: again it's not so much the popcorn (although these days most corn in the US is GMO which you want to avoid anyway), it's the lining of the bags that contain chemicals (like Perfluorooctanoic acid, linked to infertility and cancer) which end up in the popcorn.

Solution: buy some non-GMO (or organic) corn and make your own, you can choose the flavour and it's fun and easy to do.

Non-organic potatoes

Problem: root vegetables absorb chemicals from the artificial fertilizers in the soil, so if you can't switch all of your veg to organic, potatoes are a good place to start. The biggest problem though, is the chemicals that are sprayed on potatoes after harvest to stop them sprouting while they're waiting for you to buy them (including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides) which are absorbed into the potato and can't be washed or peeled off.

Solution: by local directly from a grower or organic potatoes when you can, then you can happily eat the skin where most of the nutrients are found.

Non-organic apples

Problem: apples are again one of the foods you really want to switch to organic if you can, as they are one of the most (pesticide) sprayed foods. If you can't go organic you should peel them before eating, it's not possible to wash off all the pesticides - but if we consider most of the nutrients are found just under the skin, it makes sense to switch. They also taste like real apples.

Solution: by locally grown or organic whenever you can.

Factory farmed eggs

Problem: factory farming including battery farmed eggs (banned in the UK in 2012 but still not enforced in parts of Europe) is not only a cruel practice, it promotes faecal-borne bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella, requiring high levels of antibiotics and other drugs during production.

Solution: buy free range as a minimum and organic when you can.

Table salt

Problem: refined table salt contains more sodium chloride than other salts and has no naturally occurring minerals, which can be found in sea salt and other unrefined rock salt.

Solution: replace your table salt with sea salt or even Himalayan crystal salt to reduce the negative impact on your health and get more of the minerals your body actually needs.

Making these few changes can make a real difference to the level of harmful chemicals in our food and therefore our bodies.

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