the best burger in britain?

the best burger in britain?

We're a health website so we can't talk about eating burgers right?  I mean, how could they be healthy?  Well it depends on the burger and how often we eat it. Eating a burger everyday, or even every week may not be healthy but if you like burgers, there's nothing wrong with having one once in a while as a treat (often called a 'cheat meal' nowadays). Watch this video by Surinder to see why it's important to enjoy the food that you eat. 

And if you're going to have one you should make sure it's a good one! Well Burger Bear (@burgerbeartom) win that for me. Not only is it the best tasting burger I've ever had, they use free range, locally sourced meat.

Compare that with a McDonalds 'meal' and for me on every level there is no competition. In a Burger Bear burger there is no MSG, no HCFS and no trans fats (check out this blog to see why you should avoid these chemicals) - just good quality meat cooked well.

After all the burger started out very humbly - just good quality ground beef with some seasoning - simple. If you're using good quality meat (and as we saw in last week's blog this doesn't have to be expensive) you don't need to add anything.

I found them at my local food market (I have have also found out they have a stall near the office at lunchtimes - dangerous€¦), maybe you're not based in London but most food markets I've been to have a good quality burger stall or something similar, so why not check out your local food market and see if you can find one with good quality free-range, locally sourced meat.

So long as most of the time we're eating good quality, healthy meals [see our lunch and dinner ideas video and our quick, easy and healthy meals series) and exercising (check out our Move section) then the odd burger (once a month?) won't do us any harm!


PS we don't take any money for our blog posts about companies or products we love - we just think it's helpful for us to highlight the good companies out there so that you can try them out yourself!

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