vtv's top six ways to beat stress

vtv's top six ways to beat stress

Stress can affect us all but how we deal with it can make a world of difference.

1. Breath

We're serious. We spend a lot of time literally holding our breath, especially when we are stressed. We need to remind ourselves to breathe! And it sounds simple and a bit of a cliche, but taking a deep breath when we feel stressed really does help. This is because whilst every cell in our body requires a constant supply of fresh oxygen, most of us are only using 20% of our lung capacity! Oxygen purifies the blood and helps to burn off waste products. Getting more energy into your blood through deeper breathing can help to clear our minds, rejuvenate the skin and energise the whole body. Pranayama is a deep breathing technique you can do anytime you feel stressed - it will help you to get more oxygen into your body and achieve all these things.

2. Go for a Jog

Exercise of any kind releases feel good endorphins, but exercising outside has been proven to aid mental health. So get out the house and go for a run, or even just a stroll and feel the benefits straight away. And if you can find a green space, a park or wood to do it in then all the better.

3. Keep Your Energy Up

If we're hungry we get irritated and this can lead to stress. So make sure you eat the right foods throughout the day to maintain your energy levels and you'll be able to deal with any crisis that comes up at work (or home) much more easily.

4. Take a Time Out

This yoga posture is called Legs up the Wall and is great, you just need five minutes to yourself. Do it anywhere you have a wall available, at home or even in your office or a quiet place at work. Jo will talk you through the posture, and then you can stay there until your mind has stilled and your body relaxed. Be careful though you might not want to get up!

5. Eat the Right Food

Some foods are actually good for reducing stress.

Salmon, Garlic and Sweet Potato have all been proven to reduce stress levels.

And there are other foods that can help too.

And finally,

6. Relax

If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night because your mind is still racing from all the day's events, you should try Savasana. In this follow along video all you have to do is lie down and get comfortable, press play and Jeff will take you on a journey of relaxation. Even if you're still awake at the end all your stresses will have melted away!

Hopefully this will give you some idea of how you can start dealing with stress, but maybe more importantly than dealing with the stress is not getting stressed in the first place. Some of our stress is self-created. If we're late for an appointment, did we leave in time? Did we try to fit in just one more thing before we left? Sometimes we blame our circumstances for our stress but if we're honest we're helping to create it.

Being stuck in a traffic jam can be stressful if we're running late - but without having access to a helicopter or a flying car of the future there is nothing we can do about it but we can make a choice about how we feel about it. We can seethe and curse, raise our blood pressure and pour acid into our stomach priming it for an ulcer - or we can accept the situation for what it is, agree we can't do anything about it and enjoy a short break from the drive. Sing along with the radio, think, create, smile, feel all virtuous because we're "rising above" it all!! There is always a choice and we can choose to see how we can make an opportunity out of a crisis and reduce our stress levels at the same time.

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