green people homme 5 cool style shower wash

green people homme 5 cool style shower wash

Company: Green People

Product: Homme 5 Cool Style Shower Wash

Use: Invigorating, organic shower wash for men - all skin types

Best price: £8.20

Where can I buy it?:, some organic supermarkets, various online retailers (delivery charges may apply)

Tested by: Vitality TV's Tom, Age 23

Skin Type: White / Normal skin

Rating 8/10

We like Green People because:

Green People have created an organic skincare range free from aggressive ingredients and synthetic chemicals like parabens and sulphates. They pride themselves on being ethical and sustainable and are vehemently against animal testing; all of their products are tested on human volunteers.

Tom says:

After using this product I realised that my normal shower gel actually irritates my skin. This one was really nice to use because it didn't make my skin itch or cause any rashes, which I had become used to. My skin felt refreshed, clean and soft. My hair did feel a bit dryer than normal - but that's not a major issue for me! The smell was nice and it washed off mud and dirt well after rugby training. I think it's perfect to keep in the sports kit bag. Overall I was very happy and think this is a very good product. I would definitely use it again!

He's not too keen on:


Would use again?

Yes - Because my skin felt better after using it than it does with my normal shower gel, and I like that it's better for the environment.

Would you recommend?

Yes -although I don't have much hair so if you have more hair it might not be a suitable shampoo.

To find out more about Green People and their range of products please visit

Green People offer trial sizes in most of their products, we advise you to purchase one of these to see if a product is right for you before making a final decision.

Tom Davies
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