method dish soap

method dish soap

We like it because:

We love Method. They say all the rights things, and mean it. All their products are non-toxic, naturally derived and biodegradable. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and is recyclable. All their products are certified cruelty free. Very nice.

Lucia says:

When the Method dish soap arrived at VTV HQ I asked Emma, who was first to use it, what she thought of it, to which Alex asked me 'what is there to think about washing up liquid?' A conversation followed which culminated in the realisation that I am very fussy when it comes to washing up liquid! I have tried to switch to eco brands in the past but have always ended up disappointed and back with my usual brand.

So I was very excited the first time I used the dish soap, it is concentrated and extremely thick, which is usually the problem with other brands, they feel like water and you have to keep adding more to your sponge.

Well I just did the dishes; one generous squirt got me two thirds of the way through, I added a little bit more towards the end and everything was nicely cleaned. In the washing up bowl there were: 5 mugs, 2 glasses, 1 dinner plate, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and a load of cutlery. None of it soaked. I'd say that is pretty good going.

Also, all of Method's products kill 97%+ of germs, they use naturally occurring surfactants in place of harsh, non-biodegradable ingredients. So not only are they antibacterial but you don't need to rinse afterwards and they are completely safe around children and pets. I am very happy!

She's not too keen on:

It's quite expensive compared to my usual leading brand, but with the refill I think it works out to a fair value.


I like the product a lot, it's the first eco washing up liquid I have ever been happy to use at home but I need another few months to see if it works out value for money wise, watch this space and I'll update you when I have more data!


Both Emma and I are really impressed with how long this dish soap lasts and have decided it is definitely good value for money.

To find out more about Method and their whole range of products please visit or

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