method multi-surface non-toxic surface cleaner

method multi-surface non-toxic surface cleaner

We like it because:

We love Method. They say all the rights things, and mean it. All their products are non-toxic, naturally derived and biodegradable. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and is recyclable. All their products are certified cruelty free. Very nice.

Lucia says:

I love the packaging, it's not something you want to hide away in a cupboard! I find this works on all my kitchen surfaces and gets rid of all mess. It does cut through dirt and grime like they say. It smells nice too, I much prefer the smell of lavender to bleach when I'm cooking! On tougher burnt on stains on the cooker I just leave it for a few minutes and they wipe right off.

It lasts for ages, so whilst£3 is probably a bit more than you would normally pay for a multi-surface cleaner, I can go months between purchases so it actually works out better.

Plus, I love that all of Method's products kill 97%+ of germs using naturally occurring surfactants in place of harsh, non-biodegradable ingredients. So not only are they antibacterial but they are completely safe around children and pets.

She's not to keen on:

It does leave a bit of a smear on shiny surfaces, but I just follow up with water and a glass cloth and all's well.


The upside of having a natural non-toxic cleaner that really works far outweighs the downsides. This one is a keeper.

To find out more about Method and their whole range of products please visit or

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