Carol Boyce

Co-Founder, Health Creator & Weight Loss Coach

"If You Don't Take Care of Your Body Where Are You Going To Live?"

Carol was working in post-grad research science at Kings College, London when she discovered natural health and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thirty years as health practitioner, teacher, published author, and most recently documentary filmmaker, has taken her to projects in India, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East. She is currently working on two research projects including a natural approach to autism.

Carol likes to walk her talk, has been a wholefood vegetarian for 34 years and hasn’t taken a pharmaceutical product in all that time.

She epitomizes the VTV mantra that “health underpins everything" and has made it her mission to empower others with the knowledge and skills to create health for themselves - following the logic that when you are healthy, you can’t at the same time be sick.

She’s also on a mission to explode the myth that being healthy is boring. Being healthy means you can really be in life, fulfilling your potential and experiencing all it has to offer.

For the past three years Carol has been looking at why, when there are more diet programmes and products available than ever before, we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic - and using her knowledge and years of experience to look at natural ways to solve it.

In her spare time she roots for Liverpool Football Club and enjoys going to the gym, rumour has it that at 63 she can still do a 4.5 minute plank.