three simple but hearty breakfasts

three simple but hearty breakfasts

Breaking your fast everyday is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It sets you up for the day ahead but is often overlooked. We've put together some suggestions to jazz up some old breakfast classics.


If someone said we've got porridge for breakfast I wouldn't get too excited about it! It's nutritious and filling but can be pretty boring if just eaten on its own, so we've got some easy ways to make it into a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

to make 2 servings

  • Put one cup of oats to two cups of milk in a pan, add a little salt and heat gently for 5 minutes (you can use water instead of milk or a combination of the two if you prefer)

for the toppings:

Sprinkle over some cinnamon, add a dollop of jam and drizzle over some honey or maple syrup.

Grate over some apple and slice up a banana.

Give it a tropical twist! Use coconut milk instead when making the porridge and slice up some mango and pineapple to go with it.

scrambled eggs with spring onion and tomatoes

Most of us are accustomed to scrambled eggs on toast but this simple twist makes it more interesting - and it goes towards your 5 a day - bonus!

All you need to do to liven up your eggs is slice up one spring onion and 1 small tomato per person and add it to the pan right at the end.

granola with yoghurt, fruit and berries

This is one of my favourite summertime breakfasts. Make it more interesting with yoghurt and fruit instead of just milk.

per serving

  • Buy a good quality granola (one that has different types of oats, nuts and fruit and no added sugar) or make your own
  • Add 4-5 large spoonfuls of yoghurt - buy natural or Greek yoghurt that has no added sugar. Low fat usually means high sugar - so avoid
  • Add some different fruit and berries - cranberries, raisins, blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple, pineapple or whatever else you prefer!
three simple but hearty breakfasts
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