Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vitality TV offer medical advice?
Unfortunately by law no we can't. If you have a specific medical condition you're trying to solve you should consult with a registered healthcare practitioner. For more info on this please see our terms and conditions on the legal page.
I have some feedback I would like to give, what shall I do?
Excellent! We lurrrvvve feedback! Good and bad, it makes us better. Drop us an email or hit us up on social media using the buttons top left.
I really love Vitality TV and would love to be able to help you guys reach more people! How can I do that?
Wow you're awesome! Thanks so much. There are a few ways you can help spread the good word. Follow us on social media and like and share our stuff, we're on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube - check out the buttons top left. Sign up for our free newsletter and get your friends to do the same, and then of course there's always the good ol' fashioned word of mouth :)
The video is loading really slowly on my computer/tablet/phone, what should I do?
Ah man, that sucks. Sorry you're having trouble, let's try to fix it. Make sure you don't have too many tabs or windows open as this can really slow down download speeds. There might be a problem with your internet connection - free wifi can slow things down. If this doesn't help, please let us know at and we will see if there is anything we can do at our end.
Is this all your content or is there more?
Great question! If you click on 'view more' at the bottom of each page you'll get a list of all the content in that area with the number of pages available at the bottom. If there's no 'view more' button then alas that's everything in that area, but we're working on making more so come back and check in regularly! (Make sure you don't miss the content in the top gallery area.)
I'm having a problem loading a video, is there someone I can contact for help?
Sorry you're having trouble - that sucks! Sometimes a slow internet connection is to blame, free wifi for example can be very slow. If your connection looks good drop us an email at with the name of the video and we'll have a look to see if it's something at this end.
Where can I find videos on nutrition or cooking?
Head over to Eat. Surinder will help you learn the basics of nutrition and the team have a variety of recipes for you to try. Type 'recipe' into the search engine to see them all in one place.
Where can I find videos on exercise?
Head over to Move and look out for our resident Personal Trainer Shane.
Where can I find videos on yoga?
Head over to Chill. That's where we keep all the yoga videos aimed at relaxation, promoting general well-being and reducing stress. If you're looking for Yoga specifically aimed at sports people you need to go to Move and look out for Jo, she's awesome!
There's a specific video I am looking for, how can I find it?
Just type the name, or part of the name, of the video into the search box and it should come right up. If you're looking for a video and you don't know the name, type the most important word into the search box and see what comes up.