Obesity Action Gala Ball - Interview With Dr Jude Oben

Dr. Oben, Trustee and Director of the Obesity Action Campaign is a consultant gastroenterologist and liver specialist and is faced with the consequences of obesity in his clinic every day. He describes obesity as the epidemic of our time and the cause of a whole range of chronic diseases including many forms of cancer.

According to the Foresight report in 2007, 60% of UK men and 50% of UK women are expected to be obese by 2050. It’s clear that the government’s plan of action to reduce the number of overweight and obese citizens is not working.

Obesity is devastating for the individual and catastrophic for the National Health Service – it currently costs the NHS over 8 billion a year and has a wider impact on economic development.

It’s everyone’s problem.

And we think it should be a relatively easy fix. Basic education about nutrition and a shift to Real Food would make a huge difference in a relatively short space of time. But it would need to be supported by a societal shift away from nutritionally deficient processed food and drinks.

So we have to ask why is the government dragging its heels on this one?

Conflict of interest anyone?

Please watch and share the video. Right now this is the single most important health issue of our time and needs to be addressed on all fronts.

We've spent the last two years developing the science based Vitality Programme to play its part. Drop us an email if you're interested in learning more about it.

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Susan - 4 years ago
Interview was very enlightening and shocking at same time. It seems that all the answers to the problems the doctor spoke of are on vitality's web site! Made me think about my own weight and health and teaching children. Thanks I am glad I watched it.
VTV - Emma - 4 years ago
Hey Susan, glad you liked it! We love having a website we can use to keep spreading the word. Educating children is crucial for a healthy future. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let us know if you make any changes.